Dog days

I know that all of my posts with MDS so far have featured my kids but I really do scrap other things.  I’ve done several traditional paper scrap pages of our dog and our cats and have been working on a few MDS pages of Echo, our border collie.

With this page, I simply added my text box and used a font I’d downloaded for free called Watermelon Seeds.  I plunked in my photo and that was it!  A complete page in about 2 minutes.  What took the longest was deciding what font to use as I’ve downloaded quite few cool ones.

Next I proudly display my two big kids holding an Olympic torch.  This fellow ran the relay in Alberta and came to N. Delta to visit his great-nephew and great-nieces at the school.  Every kid at the school had a picture taken with him.  I love the joy on H’s face!

Heather Olympic flame

I know the pics are tiny but I’m working on the laptop and had to copy and paste them from my Facebook photos.  North Delta also gave the kids a great keepsake.  Each kid received a pair of gloves.  One red hand, one white hand with the date of the torch relay on them.  They say: Light the Spirit of Delta.  The littlest one isn’t in school yet so I’m giving her the red Host City scarf that all City of Vancouver employees were given.  That way they all have a keepsake.  The Scottish side of me is thrilled that I paid NOTHING for their Olympic souvenirs!!