You’ve worked here how long??

February marked the 30th anniversary that my co-worker Sue has been working at our branch.  She has been working Tuesdays and Thursdays since the branch opened in 1980.  However, she originally started in the system in 1965 when she was still a high school kid.  Since some people change jobs like the rest of us change underwear, 30 years in one location is a huge  milestone.  She has seen some amazing changes in the library world over the years.

As many of the branch staff that could make it had a lovely dinner out to honour her contribution to our lives and our workplace.  And, of course, I made a card!

This is what I created using My Digital Studio.  The template was for a Hallowe’en card.  I loved the layout and the colours but clearly the time of year and occasion just didn’t fit.  So I tweaked it to my liking.  (Confession time:  the blue paper is not SU, it’s a freebie download I found online that just was too perfect to pass up.)

I printed it onto 4×6 photo paper, trimmed it slightly, added a button, a pretty flower, a strip of Whisper White ribbon through a ribbon slide and mounted it onto some cardstock to produce my first attempt at a hybrid card.  I’m quite pleased at how it turned out!

Like what you see?  Let me know.


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  1. Great hybrid. I have fond memories of those nights with Sue. Wow, congrats to her. And your comment about people changing jobs like their underware….ummm, I’ve been pretty stable for awhile now so no snide remarks, ok!

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