Water, water everywhere!

Last weekend the family headed to the Vancouver Aquarium for a fabulous day out.  In spite of road works and delays caused by arguments with a cell phone company (don’t even ask), we finally arrived around 10:30.  There is something so gratifying about having a membership – yes, bypassing over 50 people standing in line thrills me to no end!  I suppose I should feel some guilt at the pleasure it gives me, but after working in Stanley Park for 6 years, serving endless lines of tourists, I love, love, love jumping the queue. 

Thanks to my in-laws, who purchased the annual pass as a joint birthday present for Pete and me, I joyously skip ahead with my brood in tow.   Actually, more than my brood.  We had one of Sarah’s buddies in tow as she was having a sleepover at our place that night.  I snapped a few photos that I hope look good on here too.



The girl in the picture above isn’t mine but she looks enough alike Sarah that for the past three years, the teachers have called them by each others name on several occasions.  I’m sure most people at the Aquarium thought they were twins.

I love that the picture came out with glowing red eyes – these caimans are such evil-looking beasts that the flash caught the personality perfectly.

It amazed me that Heather hopped under here right away.  On our last trip there, she wailed and acted completely freaked out about trying it out.  After 10 minutes of tears and encouragement she finally ducked under for all of two seconds.  This time we could barely make her wait her turn.

Summer just isn’t summer unless the kids get to run through the sprinkler at my parents’ place at least once.  Last Monday, my Mom & Dad were inundated by grandkids –  11 of the 12 were at their place, 10 of them for most of the day!  As it was a gorgeous day, Dad put out the sprinkler and for the next hour the little (and a couple of big) monkeys squealed, splashed and jumped around.


Going back in time to the day before, the girls and I spent quite a while hanging around the front yard in the early evening.  I bought the bubble wands about a month ago and put them away “for safe keeping” and promptly forgot where they were.  Finally, on Sunday, I remembered!!  So out to the yard we went and had some fun.  Heather decided we should be on bubble popping teams.  She and I teamed up as the bad guys and Sarah and Katie had to pop our bubbles to keep us from our evil plan of world domination (she’s only six).  After a while, they realized that the large bubble wands we have look like light sabres from Star Wars so the games changed.  Now Heather and  I needed to take over all of space!  Suddenly I became Darth Vader’s wife and Heather was my trusty sidekick as we fought against Princess Leah and Princess Poppy (she pops bubbles).  I declared that I would only play Vader’s wife if my name was Ella and Heather got the joke right away!  That’s when we decided she would be called Esco Later.  Yup, we’re pretty demented.


“You are unwise to lower your defenses!”

Darth Vader


I’m back!!

Went away for a short holiday in the RV to Grayland State park in Washington.  Being right on the Pacific made for quite a few variations in the weather but we had a good time even on the foggy days.  The girls loved it and Katie finally learned to pedal her bike by herself – my back is eternally grateful!   


Crazy lady that I am, I let Sarah use the camera for a few minutes when Pete was first setting up the trailer…yup, she’s her mother’s daughter.  Silly self-portaits are a specialty of mine.

 The beach was amazingly beautiful but as the wind was fairly continuous, sweatshirts always had to be on hand.  Also, there is traffic on the beach.  Yes, trucks drive along it all day long and you can park there too.  We set up with 4 vehicles to act as a wind break.  Traffic means the kids can’t run to the shoreline alone for fear that a truck is coming along.  Some kids, maybe, but mine, nope!  Heather was great about looking both ways before crossing the beach but not so the other two.


 Westport was the closest town and although the economy seems to have hurt it a bit and many shops are closed, there was one spot we stopped by on more than one occasion –  the Go Kart track!  Pete took Sarah, who was quite upset that she is just an inch too short to ride alone, our friend Craig took Heather out and I had little Katie squealing with glee on my ride. 


 And, of course, we had our silly dog with us.  She had a blast chasing her ball into the surf even if it meant going face first into a wave.  Echo ended up sleeping almost as well as the girls did!


A vacation is like love –

anticipated with pleasure,

experienced with discomfort,

 and remembered with nostalgia. 

 ~Author Unknown