I’m back!!

Went away for a short holiday in the RV to Grayland State park in Washington.  Being right on the Pacific made for quite a few variations in the weather but we had a good time even on the foggy days.  The girls loved it and Katie finally learned to pedal her bike by herself – my back is eternally grateful!   


Crazy lady that I am, I let Sarah use the camera for a few minutes when Pete was first setting up the trailer…yup, she’s her mother’s daughter.  Silly self-portaits are a specialty of mine.

 The beach was amazingly beautiful but as the wind was fairly continuous, sweatshirts always had to be on hand.  Also, there is traffic on the beach.  Yes, trucks drive along it all day long and you can park there too.  We set up with 4 vehicles to act as a wind break.  Traffic means the kids can’t run to the shoreline alone for fear that a truck is coming along.  Some kids, maybe, but mine, nope!  Heather was great about looking both ways before crossing the beach but not so the other two.


 Westport was the closest town and although the economy seems to have hurt it a bit and many shops are closed, there was one spot we stopped by on more than one occasion –  the Go Kart track!  Pete took Sarah, who was quite upset that she is just an inch too short to ride alone, our friend Craig took Heather out and I had little Katie squealing with glee on my ride. 


 And, of course, we had our silly dog with us.  She had a blast chasing her ball into the surf even if it meant going face first into a wave.  Echo ended up sleeping almost as well as the girls did!


A vacation is like love –

anticipated with pleasure,

experienced with discomfort,

 and remembered with nostalgia. 

 ~Author Unknown


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