A pretty easy gift!

In our family, there are so many nieces and nephews that we aunts and uncles take turns buying gifts for the kids.  One of my sister’s created a spreadsheet to keep track.  Not too surprisingly, some kids are harder to buy for than others.  This year I totally lucked out as the two girls I had to buy for are just turning two and I’m very experienced at buying for little girls.

Last year was super easy too – at least for one gift.  One of my nieces is a very artistic girl who loves to dabble in all types of arts and crafts.  Oh yes, this aunty is very happy to feed T’s addiction to paper crafting supplies.  Here’s how to make a preteen crafter happy.

Get a shoebox, make it pretty and stuff it full of crafting supplies.

Pretty, isn’t it?  She was so thrilled that so ran upstairs and made me a Thank You card right away using her new supplies.

Like what you see?  Let me know!


A birthday is just the first day of another 365-day journey around the sun.

Enjoy the trip.

~Author Unknown



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