If you can’t embarrass your kids….

That’s right, I’m about to create future embarrassment to my wee monkeys – well, one at least.  Ah yes, it’s one of the benefits of parenting in this digital ages.  Here goes… H is in grade one therefore, she is learning to read.  A while ago when we were still early in the process, I pulled out a magnet board and began to spell simple words for her to sound out.  As most kids do at one point in their early lives, she needed to go to the toilet but refused to go without me.  I’m a bit sick of this request from any of them after all these years so mean, old mommy refused.  She then refused to go, so I used the magnet board to communicate with her as she sat crying and wouldn’t talk to me!

Yup, now she’s scarred for life!

But enough about how mean I am to my kids, let’s see what I made instead.  I pulled out something I bought on sale ages ago and have finally decided what to do!  It’s a Bitty Board Book and it’s just the perfect size for all of those little school photos.  Once I decorate it and actually put photos in it, I can keep it at my desk at work.

Parents were invented to make children happy by giving them something to ignore.

Ogden Nash



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