Fresh air and exercise

The May long weekend means the kick off to the camping season for us.  We joined several other families for a trip down to Deception Pass.  The girls spent most of the weekend on their bikes or scooters and I walked  with them around the loop more times than I can count.

They slept deeply.  H even fell off of her bed and stayed sound asleep as I put her back into her sleeping bag!  The weather wasn’t horrid, just not gorgeous – but it held off enough for the crew to gather around the 42 inch TV nestled under the trees for the Canucks games that came in via satellite.    Yes, we are rugged campers.  One family are practically survivalists as their trailer does NOT  have a microwave!

It took several shots to get one where all three of my monkeys were actually smiling AND looking at the camera.  They are pros at making goofy faces.

I’ve been challenged by my friend Marnie to get off my duff and create a digital page of the weekend – so keep your eyes open – one will be forthcoming.

I have had a holiday, and I’d like to take it up professionally.
Kylie Minogue

I’m so challenged

As a Stampin’ Up demonstrator, I have the pleasure of having the best upline in the whole world – not sucking up – it’s true.  Okay, you sideline girls rock too.  My direct upline is one of my best friends and her upline is a star in the stamping world.  One day, we all hope to be a quarter as good as Carrie is!  She inspires us to create and every once in a while challenges us with a new project.  It’s a love/hate thing when she does this though.

Last meeting, she gave all of us a lovely rectangular, clear topped tin and challenged us to make it into something other than just a tin.  That’s where the love/hate thing comes in.  I can get creative with paper and ink but throw in a tin and I’m hooped.

My inspiration came from another demo in Carrie’s downline and her awe inducing 3D scrapbook page that she housed in a shadow box picture frame – yes, Carol, you!  After some thought, I decided to create a tribute to my mom that I can keep on my desk at the library.  Mom is a breast cancer survivor and a hero to all in my family.  Especially appropriate is the stamp set that Stampin’ Up came out with recently for their Strength and Hope campaign where $2 from each set goes towards breast cancer research.

Want to help kick breast cancer to the curb?  Don’t forget to cope a feel and check for lumps, ladies!  Or click on the link to my Stampin’ Up site and buy this beautiful set.  Take a look at this great site, one of my hubby’s faves (he’s made some purchases on it, too):

Cancer is a word, not a sentence.

John Diamond

Teatime no. 2

I loved making the teabag holder that I posted about previously so I made another one – for me!  They look great but are relatively easy to make (otherwise, I’d have given up on the other one!).

It may be hard to see, but that’s a little teabag stamped on a mini tag. So cute, I love that set.

Those flecks you see are smooch spritz and a bit of metallic paint to dress it up.

That’s it for now but more to come soon!

Each cup of tea represents an imaginary voyage.

Catherine Douzel

Scrapbooking and stuff

As May is National (or as some sites are billing it {inter}National) Scrapbooking Month, I’ve managed to venture to the basement to scrap a bit.  One page that I’ve finished was one that I started years ago as a simple 6×6.  Finally it’s a 12×12 which is my preferred scrapping size.

In paper crafting there is a saying that there are no mistakes just opportunities for embellishments.  Soooo true!  In this next shot, my orange butterfly didn’t stamp dark enough on the one wing, so I added a cute button.  Then I journaled inside the card and slipped it into a die cut envelope that had been run through my Big Shot inside an embossing folder.  Too cute.

Remember when I was working on the mini album to put my girls’ school photos in?  Well, I did a bit more work on it (but haven’t put pix into it yet!).

The plan is that I can put a photo of each girl from preschool to Gr. 12 is this sweet book.


Life is just a scrapbook waiting for us to put it on acid free paper

Author: Unknown