Scrapbooking and stuff

As May is National (or as some sites are billing it {inter}National) Scrapbooking Month, I’ve managed to venture to the basement to scrap a bit.  One page that I’ve finished was one that I started years ago as a simple 6×6.  Finally it’s a 12×12 which is my preferred scrapping size.

In paper crafting there is a saying that there are no mistakes just opportunities for embellishments.  Soooo true!  In this next shot, my orange butterfly didn’t stamp dark enough on the one wing, so I added a cute button.  Then I journaled inside the card and slipped it into a die cut envelope that had been run through my Big Shot inside an embossing folder.  Too cute.

Remember when I was working on the mini album to put my girls’ school photos in?  Well, I did a bit more work on it (but haven’t put pix into it yet!).

The plan is that I can put a photo of each girl from preschool to Gr. 12 is this sweet book.


Life is just a scrapbook waiting for us to put it on acid free paper

Author: Unknown


As promised…

As promised, here are the two designs of birthday cards that I made last weekend and gave away.  February is full of birthdays in our family – 13, 16, 19, and 22 – see the pattern?  So I made two of each design in order to have enough for Dad, my brother, my mother-in-law, and my sister-in-law.



Don’t tell Shelli but I used  a non-Stampin’ Up ribbon on this next card.  It’s hard to see (darn that scanner) but the card has a raised pattern on it from running it through my Big Shot in an embossing folder.





Here’s the inside.


I embossing the paper before punching in out just to add a little oomph.  Rather than inking the stamp on an ink pad, I used my markers to get the two colours on the sentiment.  Anyway, I must run.  I’m off to the Stampin’ Up regional event in downtown Vancouver tomorrow and do require some sleep beforehand.


My next post will feature the swap that I designed for the event.  Down to the wire, I thought about it yesterday and not only designed a card front but made some (okay only 21) between noon yesterday and noon today. If I hadn’t worked today I’m sure I’d have made several more as I was whipping through my assembly line right quick by the time I had to head into town.


People who say they sleep like a baby usually don’t have one.

~Leo J. Burke

It’s mine, all mine – except when it’s not!

Yes, I’ve mentioned previously that Pete has created a crafting area for me – and, it’s mine, all mine!  Mostly…

As the mother of three young, impressionable girls, I strongly support their creativeness and have given them much encouragement, especially when they show an interest in stamping and paper crafts.  So, in my new area, there is a little table with three little chairs for their little bums.  In my extreme generosity, I have allowed them to use an entire cupboard for their crafting supplies.  They have stamps, inks, rollers, papers, stickers and gel pens are their disposal – otherwise, I’d never get their mucky mitts off of MY stuff!

So, you ask, what does this glorious space look like??  Well, let me add a disclaimer – this is not the original area that my craft space was supposed to be in.  We have had a slight change in our redesign plans for the next couple of years as we are hoping our household grows by three members next fall.  No, not like that!  No more pitter patter of tiny feet for us.  Just wait and see.

My new area is in the basement where there was a cupboard and counter top already.  We haven’t repainted it and have no plans to do so. Be prepared, it is very dark green!   Anywho, want to see what it looks like?

First here is a shot of where it was supposed to be.

Now here’s a look at where all my stuff has been piled for ages and ages.

A look at the work in progress.

And, finally, the finished space.  Already the counters are covered in glitters and scrap bits as these pix are a couple of weeks old already.  Once Pete got down to it, he was done in one day.  I, however, took several evenings to get my stuff sorted and, gulp, purged.

I also have a closet that I can use to store my old catalogues (anyone want one?), retired papers, contraband from the LSS, and alterables.

Soon to come are photos of the retired stamp sets that I know I will no longer use.  As hard as it is, I will part with them in order to get some cash to BUY MORE.  If you look closely enough at the photos, you can see a few empty spots that need to be filled with more stamps, papers and embellishments!


One of the advantages of being disorganized is the joy of discovery.

A.A. Milne

Hallowe’en Treats

I love, love, love Hallowe’en.  The kids look so darned cute in their costumes and get so excited about begging door-to-door!    Ever since S started preschool, I’ve been trying different ways to package treats for classmates.  Now that all three girls will be sharing, I set up my trusty assembly line in the basement and mass-produced over 90 little bags.  Yeah, I know that was overkill but I’m always paranoid that I won’t send enough.  Last year, H didn’t get one and was in tears that she had to give all of them away!

So, I pulled out my Big Shot, loaded up the Top Note die with a bunch of retired cardstock and got to work.  Then I pulled out an embossing folder and back into the Big Shot the Top Notes went.  Once I scored them and folded them over, I stamped the girls’ names on most of them and attached a cute little stamped pumpkin (from a retired set).  I put two pieces of candy in the Summer Reading Club medal bags that I’ve been collecting and stapled the decorated Top Note to the bag.

So what am I going to do with the other dozen that aren’t heading to a classroom?  Well, for you VPLers, I’m pulling an Eric Smith!  If you’ve read to the end of the post and come down to see my display table during lunch at the Staff Conference, let me know and I’ll give you a little treat!

Like what you see?  Let me know!


I’ll bet living in a nudist colony takes all the fun out of Halloween. 

Author Unknown