Post dating my blog

I’m sitting at the kitchen table, with the laptop, eating a yummy cheeseburger (apologies to vegetarians, Orthodox Jews, and Tim).  It’s Sunday, April 17th and I thought I’d dabble in advanced blogging.  There aren’t a lot of opportunities when I have computer access AND feel the need to do something other than play Bejeweled Blitz (curse you, Reanna & Stephen) or browse Facebook.  So, I’m seeing if I can get the deferred posting option to work for me.  I’ve tried it before to no avail, but I think the problem with my blogging was pure operator error!

Anyhoo,  I said that I had indeed done some crafting before so here is an example:

First up, the hybrid scrapbook page I made.  It is not pure Stampin’ Up as I am quite happy to look about online for free digital elements and even have a few delivered to my inbox daily.  But all of my digital work is created in My Digital Studio and with the exception of not being able to use the freebie alpha sets from some sites, I have no complaint what so ever!

My parents have (so far) been blessed with an even dozen grandkids.  I say so far, ’cause we are hoping that at least one or two more will pop out – and no, not from me!  Three is just right.

Heather was invited to a party a couple of weeks ago, so, of course, I made a card.  The little birthday girl really likes Hello Kitty 😦  So trolled online and found another SU demonstrator who had created a Hello Kitty card and I copied here!  Thanks to I found her and was able to create this little item in spite of my intense dislike of all things Hello Kitty.  However, at this point, I can’t mention her name as my stupid browser won’t open the site!  But, if I have success with advanced blogging, you will never know as I can go in and change this info!!

It’s nowhere near as good as the original that inspired it, but not too bad considering I made it in 20 minutes without following her instructions to the letter.

(I’d did manage to look her up and her name is Lynn Pratt – she’s pretty awesome)


The secret to creativity is knowing how to hide your sources.

Albert Einstein


The marriage of digital and traditional

Now that the dust has settled after my parents’ party and we are about halfway through the parties the kids have been invited to, I’ve had a chance to start on the physical scrapbook for my parents.  Having put so many hours into the digital slideshow, I’m not about to let that go to waste.  Yes, I will transfer it onto DVD to share with my folks and siblings but I’ve also printed off several of the digital pages and am using them in the scrapbook.

I’ve shown you a hybrid card now here are some hybrid scrapbook pages.  Like what you see?  Let me know.

Family pg hybrid

 I love the way Versamark ink creates such a gentle look.

Family pg versamark  See what a few lovely flowers can do.

P1050669 Don’t tell Shelli but that’s not SU! ribbon.

Mom & DadNow that’s SU! ribbon with the Versamark ink again.

12 and counting? 12 and counting? closer

What’s an 50th anniversary without mentioning the grandkids?

Now this next one isn’t a hybrid and it cracks me up!  No, there is nothing funny about the invitation to the celebration for Mom and Dad’s 50th or about the layout.  What is funny is that my eldest sister created a memory book for our parents and her first page is EXACTLY the same as mine!  Great minds, fools, whatever – you decide.  So you ask, why are you making a scrapbook if your sister has made a memory book?  They are two totally different animals.  Mine is being created with pictures and hers with words.

For years now, my Dad has declared that we are to buy no gifts for him for any occasion and instead requests that we write down a memory of a special event or even an ordinary day that has stuck with us through the years.  He has a binder (or perhaps it’s two by now)  in which he puts all of these ruminations.  For the big day, each of us – including our kids and most of the spouses – wrote a special something to be included in the memory book.  Doreen took these pages and whipped up her magic in the form of 12×12 patterned papers with embellishments and created a masterpiece.  This was the perfect gift for the event and Mom and Dad loved it!

P1050667It’s so great to find that one special person you want to annoy for the rest of your life.

~Rita Rudner

You’ve worked here how long??

February marked the 30th anniversary that my co-worker Sue has been working at our branch.  She has been working Tuesdays and Thursdays since the branch opened in 1980.  However, she originally started in the system in 1965 when she was still a high school kid.  Since some people change jobs like the rest of us change underwear, 30 years in one location is a huge  milestone.  She has seen some amazing changes in the library world over the years.

As many of the branch staff that could make it had a lovely dinner out to honour her contribution to our lives and our workplace.  And, of course, I made a card!

This is what I created using My Digital Studio.  The template was for a Hallowe’en card.  I loved the layout and the colours but clearly the time of year and occasion just didn’t fit.  So I tweaked it to my liking.  (Confession time:  the blue paper is not SU, it’s a freebie download I found online that just was too perfect to pass up.)

I printed it onto 4×6 photo paper, trimmed it slightly, added a button, a pretty flower, a strip of Whisper White ribbon through a ribbon slide and mounted it onto some cardstock to produce my first attempt at a hybrid card.  I’m quite pleased at how it turned out!

Like what you see?  Let me know.