Row, row, row your boat

My husband is such a typical male.  He dreams of one day owning a boat – you know the kind – big, with a powerful motor.  So his mom and dad bought one for him last summer.  Not the one of his dreams as they are normal middle class people, not millionaires.  It fits in a box and lives and under the bench seat in our trailer.  There is a handy manual pump to blow it up and the plastic oars came complete with oar locks.  You can see a shot of it in my earlier post  Taking a break!.

Pete spent a lot of his summers as a kid on the water whether at his parents’ cabin or at summer camp.  He lifeguarded for a time in his teens and taught swimming so he still loves to get out on the water or get wet.  Two families with us brought a kayak each and Pete took the opportunity to take the girls out for a little ride.  H oddly enough melted down, even though she’s been kayaking before, and wouldn’t get in.  The other two loved it.

The highlight of all our beach trips were the salamanders.  Cleawox Lake was teeming with them.

Being near the sand dunes presented us with a great chance to try something new to us.  I bought each of the girls a sand disk and they tried riding them into the water.  S had a few good runs up on the higher dunes at the beach.  Our last day at Honeyman, we went back to Woahink Lake but to a different beach area and the girls played in the sand without a care as to how cold it was with the wind blowing off the lake.  And they finished off the visit to the lake by sitting on their sand disks and eating Cheesies – what a mess!

A perpetual holiday is a good working definition of hell.

George Bernard Shaw


Dog days of summer

Summer is winding down, just a few short days until the girls are back in school – fortunately they are all excited about it.  We had a great time in Oregon not only camping but doing some tax-free back-to-school shopping.  New shoes, shorts, dresses with matching socks and brand new glow-in-the-dark pink skeleton pajamas.  The girls were given a set of the jammies a couple of Christmases ago, but as they just keep growing (should I stop feeding them to keep them little?) and have all made holes in the knees due to excessive wear, I bought each of them a new set.

Pete bought himself more cool graphic tees but I only bought a pair of shorts and a shirt.  I can shop for hours for stuff for the girls but absolutely despise shopping for me!  So our first night, spent in the WalMart parking lot at Wood Village was cheaper for us than the other families we were with – just groceries for us.

Our trip was with 4 other families so there were 9 grown-ups and 11 kids altogether – oh, yeah 3 dogs too!




The dogs all get along quite well although it took Echo a few times to clue in that she really shouldn’t eat Molly’s food unless she wants to see directly down Molly’s throat!  Cute but not so bright.

All the kids had an absolute blast whether it was playing at the beaches or looking at lighthouses.  Our girls developed a love for lighthouses last summer when we visited the Umpqua River lighthouse.  Our family visited 3 more this year.  The other families came with us to the Heceta Head lighthouse just outside of Florence.  As we were staying at the Jessie M. Honeyman State Park, it was fairly close.  That same day we had all headed to the Sea Lion Caves where we expected to be gagging from the stench.  I guess that fact that it was overcast, cool, windy and that the sea lions were all outside made for a surprisingly fresh air experience!



I’ll try to post more vacation photos in the next few days but now I really should start thinking about get my photos printed and my scrapping started!


” Books are lighthouses erected in the great sea of time”

Edwin P. Whipple

Taking a break!

We are off today to the Oregon dunes again.  Last year was a blast and hopefully this summer’s trip is just as great.  I’ll leave you with a few images from our previous trip.  Now to go load up the truck!!


Umpqua River Lighthouse


Beach at Honeyman


Miller boys jumping the dunes


A vacation frequently means that the family goes away for a rest,

accompanied by a mother who sees that the others get it.

Marcelene Cox

Dog days

I know that all of my posts with MDS so far have featured my kids but I really do scrap other things.  I’ve done several traditional paper scrap pages of our dog and our cats and have been working on a few MDS pages of Echo, our border collie.

With this page, I simply added my text box and used a font I’d downloaded for free called Watermelon Seeds.  I plunked in my photo and that was it!  A complete page in about 2 minutes.  What took the longest was deciding what font to use as I’ve downloaded quite few cool ones.

Next I proudly display my two big kids holding an Olympic torch.  This fellow ran the relay in Alberta and came to N. Delta to visit his great-nephew and great-nieces at the school.  Every kid at the school had a picture taken with him.  I love the joy on H’s face!

Heather Olympic flame

I know the pics are tiny but I’m working on the laptop and had to copy and paste them from my Facebook photos.  North Delta also gave the kids a great keepsake.  Each kid received a pair of gloves.  One red hand, one white hand with the date of the torch relay on them.  They say: Light the Spirit of Delta.  The littlest one isn’t in school yet so I’m giving her the red Host City scarf that all City of Vancouver employees were given.  That way they all have a keepsake.  The Scottish side of me is thrilled that I paid NOTHING for their Olympic souvenirs!!