I cogitate???

Just thought I’d share one of the fabulous comments that I discovered had been left for me recently.  This is from We Buy Any Car.

“I cogitate this is a factual extraordinary article place.Thanks Again. Real Major.”

I feel honoured and wish I could adequately express my true emotions with some appropriate language…but alas, I’ve spent all day at home with three sick kids and my brain has rotted and seeped out of my ears.

I cogitate

I cogitate


“My dull brain was wrought with things forgotten.”
The Bard Himself


Calling the carnivores

Eek, my last post disappeared so all of you non-vegetarians are missing out on a great opportunity!  Yup, mounds o’ meat.  My sister and brother-in-law on behalf of their Ride to Conquer Cancer team, the Blazing Saddles are selling having a raffle.  You have the chance to win $300 worth of quality meat from Hopcott Meats.  They specialize in healthy, local and quality meats.  Their meat does not have added hormones or antibiotics. Draw date is May 26th.  $10 per ticket (or 3 for $20) is all it takes to help raise funds for a great cause.

If you are interested, please let me know!

Thanks for your support!

Cancer is a word, not a sentence.

– John Diamond

Playing with the camera – again

I’ve been fortunate enough to have a new camera and have spent some time playing with it.  My favourite subjects are my girls of course.  Although I haven’t yet made the digital scrapbook page I’ve been challenged to do, I thought I’d share some of the great shots that I took.  So modest, I now – but it’s amazing what a good camera can do for your ego!

Oh, yeah, and I’ve made a card or two!

The digital camera is a great invention because it allows us to reminisce. Instantly.
Demetri Martin

That’s so random!

Okay, I’m still prescheduling my blogs so who knows what I’m working on right now!  I thought I just post some random photos I’ve taken lately.  Remember when I said I’d tidied up the hallway with a shoe rack?  Weill, this is what it looks like now, controlled chaos!

The grade one classes go to Chinatown every year to the Sun Yat Sen Gardens and I joined them.  Heather was so upset that she didn’t see the turtle for the longest time but when she did, she was the happiest creature about.  She wouldn’t let me take her picture until she was happy again.

Hmm, what else do I have to share?

My girls are crazy for picnic of any variety.  This was a cloudy day, we could hear thunder in the distance but that didn’t deter them.  The umbrellas were to shield them from the wind and they figured they could easily shelter from the rain if the storm came our way.  Fortunately it didn’t.

Here they are making a giant mess of the kitchen floor.  It’s the only room where they are allowed to get into the Play Doh as they spread it everywhere.  A change of clothes is always required after the Play Doh gets put away as their knees and sleeves get covered in it.  They are amazing – 24 colours became one after a single use.

If you can give your son or daughter only one gift, let it be enthusiasm.

Bruce Barton

Playing catch up!

Between being sick and dealing with sick kids, I haven’t posted in a donkey’s age.  I have found a bit of time to make some stuff though!

As I mentioned before, I went to the Stampin’ Up regionals in Vancouver and in the days before, I sat down and designed  a card front to swap.    Here it is.

Can you believe these shots are of the same card front?  Pete sweetly gave me a camera for Christmas and I’ve had a bit of a hard time adjusting to it.  The first shot is with our old camera and shows the colours as they really are.  The second shot is from the new camera and although it highlights the details of the heat embossing really well, the colours are a bit off.

This third shot is with the new one.  The colours are bang on but, well, it is super fuzzy!  Clearly I need more play time with the camera.

Anyhoo, moving along… the parties never end which in terms of making cards is a wonderful thing!  It always gives me an excuse to head down to the basement and get inky.  So here’s one I made for our good friends’ daughter.

See how sparkly it is?  That’s the wonderful Champagne Mist paint from Stampin’ Up.  I’m suddenly quite addicted to it.  I’ve discovered how great it looks on my nails after I spilled it on the countertop, too.  Fortunately, it washes right off.

Today I’m providing you with two quotes as I liked them both so much!

We turn not older with years, but newer every day.

Emily Dickinson



We are always the same age inside.

Gertrude Stein

Cards and coffee

Oh my, I really am lazy these days!  Here I am after noon on a Saturday posting in my pajamas.  But hey, at least I’m out of bed.  In spite of what my infrequent postings may suggest, I have been down to the basement in the last few weeks to create.  After making all the Valentine’s for the girls, I made one for my in-laws – it’s a knock off of the one I made at Carrie’s downline meeting. 

The one I made for my hubby was such a poor last-minute creation that I’m not even going to show it.  I realized about an hour before he got home from work that I hadn’t yet made one for him.   But I will post the one I gave him last year.  This spinner card was designed by my good friend, Marnie.

As the mom of three girls, there is a constant need for birthday cards!  So, again, a last-minute creation (but one that I’m happy enough with that I’ll post) was needed for a sleepover birthday party.  As it wasn’t at my house, I was quite happy to send my big off.  Can you imagine having 10 girls, ages 8 and 9 chatting until midnight?  Apparently there were even die-hards that stayed awake until 3 am!  Anyway, here’s the card I made for the birthday girl.

Here’s a card that speaks to my heart!  I love this stamp set and just had to use it as soon as I could.  After some trial and error, I came up with a card that I thought adequately expressed my love of coffee!  You can find this and a few other of my creations for sale at bookmark the library store

That’s it for now as I can’t yet show the birthday cards that I made for the birthday folks this weekend.  Like what you see?  Let me know!

Behind every successful woman is a substantial amount of coffee. 

 ~Stephanie Piro


No one can understand the truth until he drinks of coffee’s frothy goodness. 

~Sheik Abd-al-Kadir

It’s mine, all mine – except when it’s not!

Yes, I’ve mentioned previously that Pete has created a crafting area for me – and, it’s mine, all mine!  Mostly…

As the mother of three young, impressionable girls, I strongly support their creativeness and have given them much encouragement, especially when they show an interest in stamping and paper crafts.  So, in my new area, there is a little table with three little chairs for their little bums.  In my extreme generosity, I have allowed them to use an entire cupboard for their crafting supplies.  They have stamps, inks, rollers, papers, stickers and gel pens are their disposal – otherwise, I’d never get their mucky mitts off of MY stuff!

So, you ask, what does this glorious space look like??  Well, let me add a disclaimer – this is not the original area that my craft space was supposed to be in.  We have had a slight change in our redesign plans for the next couple of years as we are hoping our household grows by three members next fall.  No, not like that!  No more pitter patter of tiny feet for us.  Just wait and see.

My new area is in the basement where there was a cupboard and counter top already.  We haven’t repainted it and have no plans to do so. Be prepared, it is very dark green!   Anywho, want to see what it looks like?

First here is a shot of where it was supposed to be.

Now here’s a look at where all my stuff has been piled for ages and ages.

A look at the work in progress.

And, finally, the finished space.  Already the counters are covered in glitters and scrap bits as these pix are a couple of weeks old already.  Once Pete got down to it, he was done in one day.  I, however, took several evenings to get my stuff sorted and, gulp, purged.

I also have a closet that I can use to store my old catalogues (anyone want one?), retired papers, contraband from the LSS, and alterables.

Soon to come are photos of the retired stamp sets that I know I will no longer use.  As hard as it is, I will part with them in order to get some cash to BUY MORE.  If you look closely enough at the photos, you can see a few empty spots that need to be filled with more stamps, papers and embellishments!


“One of the advantages of being disorganized

is the joy of discovery.”

A. A. Milne